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Continuation of Service Program

Welcome to the Continuation of Service Program

The Peace Corps community is committed to furthering the ideals of the Peace Corps through promotion of the Third Goal — “strengthen Americans’ understanding about the world and its peoples.” We do that in part through continued service in our communities — and by helping Peace Corps be the best it can be. The Continuation of Service programs helps further your efforts by providing links to groups, organizations, and advocacy efforts that increase our immediate social impact.

The NPCA Continuation of Service program is built to inspire you to continue to serve here at home, by utilizing our NPCA/GivePulse platform that links you to many different events, volunteer causes, and organizations.

This challenge was born with a vision of tapping into the impressive power of the global Peace Corps network. Whether you served in the 1960s or the 2000s, the NPCA Continuation of Service program continues the enduring legacy of service by facilitating volunteerism at whatever stage of life you are in. NPCA has long provided a platform for Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs) to create lasting social impact and foster interconnected communities and this program increases the social impact based on Peace Corps values among RPCVs in their neighborhoods, aligning event, organizational opportunities, and causes around a shared vision for service and involvement.

This program doesn't exist in isolation. It's part of a broader movement, a network of individuals, organizations, and causes that are dedicated to creating positive change.
Volunteering and service are catalysts for transformation. They're the building blocks of stronger communities, a more connected society, and a brighter future for everyone. Your involvement matters in shaping a world continually defined by service and compassion, with Peace Corps values.

We invite you to take action today. Join today and harness the opportunity to:

  • Make a Difference
  • Stay Connected
  • Build Bridges

This is how RPCVs show up, honor what we hold dear, and continue to build on the Peace Corps ideals and strengths anywhere we live.

What does NPCA's Continuation of Service Opportunities Support?

Organizations frequently contact NPCA, wanting to work with and capitalize on the power of the RPCV community. NPCA is proud to build relationships with regional and nationwide partners, starting with in-person opportunities in the D.C. Metro Area and for continued service nationwide.

These partnerships allow us to channel the expertise and passion RPCVs have into the projects and initiatives of organizations that need the experience, cross-cultural fluency, advanced language abilities, and technical competencies that RPCVs bring. The unique skills and dedication of RPCVs make us invaluable assets to volunteer organizations here at home, enhancing our capacity to create meaningful change here in the US, much as we have done since Sargent Shriver first called us to Serve, Serve, Serve.

While all service opportunities will be welcome and supported on the Continuation of Service platform, we are beginning with three focus areas:

Refugee and Immigration: repaying the hospitality that we received in our Peace Corps host countries to those who need it the most.

Environment and Climate Change: supporting efforts underway to rally our community around meaningful ways to reverse the impact of climate change.



Additional Opportunities Through NPCA and NPCA Partners:


NPCA Community Fund

In recent years, NPCA has facilitated small grants to RPCV initiatives through our Community Fund. We are not currently accepting expressions of interest but look forward to the prospect of reinitiating this opportunity in 2024.

AmeriCorps Positions

AmeriCorps extends an invitation to Returned Peace Corps Volunteers to think about a term of domestic service. There are opportunities to serve throughout the year, with time commitments ranging from eight weeks to one year. Service setting will vary based on the program and organization you choose. Find an AmeriCorps position that is right for you.


Do you have a background in business or agriculture and a commitment to work with communities in Latin America and Africa as a virtual volunteer? By partnering with the USAID Farmer-to-Farmer program, NPCA helps returned Volunteers use highly developed skills in short-term capacity-building volunteer assignments. Explore open assignments and apply.

Emergency Response Network Logo

NPCA Emergency Response Network

When the need and opportunity presents itself for mobilizing the NPCA community to employ unique RPCV skills and experiences, NPCA's Continuation of Service programs looks for partnering opportunities to help respond to emergency situations nationwide, as we did recently in response to the recent Covid Global Pandemic in partnership with Public Health.

Cause-Related NPCA Affiliate Groups

Explore NPCA affiliate groups organized to focus on causes that matter deeply to the Peace Corps community. Partner groups include RPCVs for Environmental Action, the Peace Corps Community for Refugees, and TCP Global, which provides micro-loans in remote and marginalized communities. Learn more and support the efforts of these groups.

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State Department International Exchange Alumni Program

The International Exchange Alumni website is a place where past and present U.S. government-sponsored exchange program participants (including all RPCVs) can sign up to find tools and resources to advance their communities and our world. The Citizen Diplomacy Action Fund (CDAF), linked here, is an excellent opportunity for RPCVs looking for resources to support Continuation of Service activities.

The Domestic Dividend

Task Force Report

In comparison to the work done over the past 60 years, this study is the largest, broadest, and most comprehensive endeavor to evaluate the domestic benefits of the Peace Corps experience.


The impact of Peace Corps Volunteers upon return spans the local to the global, from serving their home communities in small but impactful projects to leading federal agencies that improve our connections with the international community. They continue to uphold Peace Corps values

throughout their lives to benefit the American people.

This study includes data and conclusions from a community-wide survey in 2021, and builds on earlier RPCV studies by revisiting the impact of Peace Corps on its Volunteers. This most recent report reaches beyond well-documented individual benefits to demonstrate the link between the Peace Corps experience and later professional and personal contributions to the country.

As a task force, these are the domestic benefits of the investment made in the sixty-year-old experiment in a genuine search for peace.

Continuation of Service:
Partner Spotlight: GivePulse

with George Luc, Co-CEO of GivePulse


In our commitment to supporting the Peace Corps Community continue their service, NPCA is partnering with service organizations nationwide that help RPCVs share their unique skills. Founded in 2012, Give Pulse is a proven civic network that matches people in a community with causes they care about, while enabling easy organization, management and mobilization of volunteers. While similar services exist online, NPCA has found that this GivePulse provides the best user experience and, most importantly, a way to report back to our community the collective impact of those who use it. The partnership is a great match and designed to make your volunteering experience seamless, engaging, and impactful.

We invite you to take action today. Join NPCA/GivePulse today!

If you are interested in partnering with NPCA, email: