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Board Service

The Board of Directors sets goals and policies, and oversees NPCA operations to ensure that they are consistent with the stated vision, mission, goals, and 2022-2024 Strategic Plan. The Board is responsible for the financial health of NPCA. NPCA’s success depends on the personal commitment and active participation of all Directors.

2023 Board Elections are Live!

The Governance Committee of the NPCA Board of Directors is proud to announce the candidates for the 2023 member-elected representatives to the Board! Voting will be open online between June 23 and July 31

Vote here!

New this year, all NPCA members, regardless of where you live or where you served, will be able to vote for up to five (5) candidates to fill the open member-elected seats on the NPCA Board. Write-in candidates are also permitted.

Members may request a paper ballot if they are not able to participate online by writing to

NPCA Board service requires a substantial commitment of time and dedication. We are confident that the following candidates represent the desired skills and diversity needed for a high-performing board of directors, and in their commitment to the time needed to be successful board directors. 

For more information about NPCA Board service and responsibilities, please continue reading below. 

Thank you for your participation in the 2023 Board elections! 

After elections close on July 31, 2023, votes will be verified and tallied. Newly newly-elected candidates will be contacted in early August and begin their Board service at NPCA's Annual Board Meeting in Chicago, IL, on September 23, 2023.


Interested in Board Service? 

Play a leadership role in the Peace Corps Community by joining the National Peace Corps Association Board of Directors! 

NPCA is always seeking individuals with strong leadership skills and experience helping non-profit organizations execute strategy, governance, and programs. We have a particular interest in candidates who add diversity, leadership, and particular skills to our current board:

  1. Board governance and compliance
  2. Legal expertise
  3. Fundraising and donor stewardship
  4. Financial planning and oversight for nonprofits
  5. Leadership in diversity, equity and inclusion 
  6. Grant and proposal writing
  7. Marketing, media and communications
  8. Human resources and employment policy
  9. Former Peace Corps agency leadership
  10. Affiliate group leadership

NPCA Board directors serve three-year terms (two-year term for the Affiliate Group Network Coordinator) and are expected to participate in quarterly board meetings (two in-person and two virtual), serve on a Board committee, and support NPCA financially within their personal capability. 

Serving on the NPCA Board of Directors requires a serious commitment of time, expertise, and financial resources. The NPCA Board is a working board, and individual directors are expected to be actively involved in one or more committees. Directors participate in and encourage initiatives that support and benefit NPCA.

NPCA members who are interested in considering board or committee service must first complete a Board of Directors Expression of Interest Form. We welcome expressions of interest in board service at any time. Candidates for member-elected director positions must then be officially nominated in accordance with the bylaws. We will review all interest forms submitted and contact candidates for a conversation to share perspectives on board service. Interest forms of candidates who are not contacted this year will be kept on file for future consideration.

NPCA Board Directors are asked to sign a Board Director Agreement Form acknowledging these and other expectations for board service. 


Changes to NPCA Board Elections in 2023

Beginning in 2023, NPCA member-elected board directors are nominated, elected, and serve "at-large," meaning that they do not represent particular geographic or global regions. All current NPCA members (with active memberships as of the first day of voting) will be able to vote on the full slate of nominated candidates.


Nomination and Voting Process

Any member of NPCA in good standing is eligible to be nominated and elected by fellow members to serve as an At-Large Director. The following steps must be completed prior to the opening of the voting period.

  1. Complete the 2024 Board of Director Expression of Interest form; this form is available online throughout the year.
  2. Complete an interview with the Chair of the Governance Committee and the President & CEO, who will contact each candidate after receiving their Expression of Interest form.
  3. Secure nomination by one affiliate group or make a self-nomination, supported by the signatures of ten NPCA members.
  4. Submit a 500-word (or less) biography for use in the voting ballot. 

Board Interest Form

Please note that in keeping with the practice of most non-profit organizations, Directors are expected to pay for their own travel and hospitality expenses.

Board Committees

Executive Committee​

  • John Lee Evans, Chair
  • Bridget Davis, Vice Chair
  • Carla Brown-, Secretary
  • James Baldwin Treasurer
  • Kristina Owens, Affiliate Group Network Coordinator
  • Dan Baker, President/CEO, Ex Officio

DEI | Culture Special Committee 

  • Albert "Beto" Whitaker, Chair
  • Michael Roman
  • Carla Brown

Governance Committee

  • Chip Levengood, Chair
  • Carla Brown
  • Kristina Owens
  • Sue Forster-Cox

Governance Reform Subcommittee

  • Kristina Owens, Chair
  • Carla Brown
  • Bridget Davis
  • Jonathan Pearson
  • Dan Baker
  • John Lee Evans 

Finance Committee

  • James Baldwin, Chair
  • Gretchen Upholt
  • Chip Levengood

Fundraising Committee

  • Jeffrey Janis, Chair
  • Malorie Jones
  • Faith Van Gilder

Affiliate Group Network Coordinator

As designated in NPCA's bylaws, the Affiliate Groups elect an Affiliate Group Network Coordinator (AGN Coordinator) to chair the AGN Advisory Committee, preside at the AGN Annual Meeting, and serve on the Board as the AGN Representative. Serving for the 2022-2024 Board term: 

Kristina Owens (Email)


Board Responsibilities

The responsibilities of NPCA elected directors are:

  • Attend Board and committee meetings
  • Represent members, affiliate groups, and constituents
  • Raise funds and promote membership
  • Participate in NPCA activities
  • Set goals, policies, and budget
  • Evaluate the President / CEO
  • Oversee the performance of NPCA


NPCA also needs a strong board to assist members and groups through excellent programs and services. In addition, Elected Directors should:

  • Contact members and groups on a regular basis to sound out their interests, concerns or other feedback that they feel should be addressed by the NPCA Board
  • Act as members’ and groups’ representative “voice” at Board or committee meetings
  • Provide feedback to members and groups after Board meetings.

Roles and Responsibilities of all NPCA Board Members
Board Director Agreement Form 2023 

2023 Board Meeting Schedule

The Board meets at least four times per year. The 2023 Board Meeting schedule is as follows:

  • March 11 in Washington, DC at 9AM Eastern
  • June 4, at 5PM Eastern (Zoom)
  • September 23 (time TBD) in Chicago, IL
  • December 3 at 5PM Eastern (Zoom)


Minutes from each Board meeting are reviewed and approved at the following meeting, then posted to our website

For more information on attending any board meeting as an observer, email NPCA.