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Community Fund - Access to Clean Water and Resources for Refugees

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While many Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs) experience firsthand the need for clean water and sanitation in their communities, they don't always have the resources or knowledge to undertake a project-based solution. Through the NPCA’s new partnership with the nonprofit Water Charity, the Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (RPCV) community has taken a stand. Water Charity allows PCVs and RPCVs to submit proposals for a water or sanitation project on behalf of their country and community of service. If the project is approved, funding is guaranteed.

Water Charity has been collaborating with NGOs operating in refugee camps in Tigray. The $25,000 matching campaign will bring over $50,000 in resources towards planning water and sanitation projects in the camps.  These include water storage, treatment, and transport, as well as construction of latrines, showers, and hand washing stations. Partners are implementing projects for the construction of rainwater catchment systems and biosand filters.  These have a strong training component, which will make the projects self-sustaining. Partners are also arranging for the installation of small water purification systems and the delivery of solar lights for where it's requested. 

Funded: $9,851.00
Goal: $25,000.00