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Cristal Ouedraogo - Literacy and Research Center in Benin

Fully Funded

This Project is fully funded! Please check back for project updates and for a full report once the project is complete.


In Benin, women and girls have lower educational attainment and more barriers to education than men and boys. The literacy and research center will create a safe space for girls to pursue academic excellence and increase high performance rates amongst girls.

As an education volunteer, I have had the opportunity to work with my school community to understand the needs that students have. The need to bridge the gap of educational attainment between girls and boys was expressed. The literacy and research center will provide girls with the tools needed to increase intellectual capacities and therefore increase gender equity in school. The literacy and research center will greatly supplement instructional practices and academic achievement by providing students with the tools needed to be independent, lifelong learners outside of the classroom.

Additionally, these funds will help renovate and furnish a dilapidated school room so that it can serve as a literacy and research center for approximately 500 secondary school students in need, including young female learners. Funding for the project will be allocated towards:

-Renovating damaged walls

-New paint and a mural -literary and research resources

-Textbooks and workbooks


-benches and tables


-research and technology training for students, teachers, and community members

The literacy and research center will not only inspire boys and girls to thrive academically, but socially and creatively as well. Additionally, the research and literacy center will help bridge the academic achievement gap between girls and boys.

Cristal had a PCPP grant that was dissolved when she was evacuated due to COVID-19.  Cristal is from the DMV area, residing in Northern Virginia and teaching in Prince George's County, MD prior to her service. She is now living in Montgomery County, Maryland


NPCA invests 85 percent of the total donations directly to support this project and 15 percent where needed most to support service administration and our overall mission.

Funded: $3,115.00
Goal: $3,790.00