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NPCA - Peace Corps Advocacy (2017)

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Together we can build the biggest, best Peace Corps in history: 10,000 Volunteers and the policies and programs to support them. Through this ongoing campaign, we take a bold step toward a more just and peaceful world.


The ability to field and support much larger numbers of Volunteers will dramatically improve our capacity to achieve Peace Corps’ goals of meeting interested countries’ needs for trained men and women and spreading cross cultural awareness. In the field, more volunteers will work with host country counterparts to raise people’s quality of life through agricultural extension, public health, education, small business development, and beyond. And in their diverse daily interactions in their local community, they’ll expand perceptions about what it means to be an American. After service, more returned Volunteers will then be able to share their unique cultural insight, knowledge, and expertise, benefiting all who cross their paths professionally as well as personally.

To achieve this ambitious expansion of the Peace Corps, NPCA began in 2016 to undertake an aggressive advocacy campaign aimed at the White House, Congress, the Peace Corps agency, and potential private sector partners. We are leveraging the technology available to dramatically increase our outreach, but we need to increase our financial resources to achieve our desired impact. With your help, we can make robust Peace Corps funding and reforms a priority.

Funded: $43,211.00
Goal: $80,000.00